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We are a privately owned German software house run by its German owner and management
with God but without banks, venture capital or share holders.

Contact us via email: sales at elestore.com

Please replace in sales at elestore.com the "at" with "@". This makes it a bit more difficult for the spammers! Telephone numbers etc further below.

We are specialised in:

  • Product Content Management and Master Data Systems - Elestore
  • Article Information System - EleAIS
  • Database publishing software - Elepub
  • Product catalog software - Elecat
  • All related services and the operating of CATpool.

Our German sister company was founded in 1993 in Germany and emigrated from Berlin to Slovakia in 1999, where we developed the EleFamily software products in co-operation with main customers:
Messe Frankfurt on the Automechanika-CATpool project, a predecessor of our own CATpool, and the
Philips group of companies in Eindhoven in Holland have been using Elestore, Elepub and EleFamily since 2003.

In 2007 we have founded CATpool d.o.o. in Beograd to operate the YellowParts and CATpool portals while major parts of the software development remain in Bratislava and are done by our Slovak sister, which also takes cares of support for the German countries for CATpool and YellowParts.

Why Serbia?

There are many good reasons and the low cost of labour is only one of them enabling us to deliver services at very attractive costs. Another reason is in personal relations of our owner.

Serbia is the most underestimated country in Europe and the general public has a completely wrong perception of this very western country due to the manipulation by the media during the Balkan war. Our recommendation: Before making a judgment, first go there, see, hear and only then make up your mind!

How to contact us

Via email: sales at elestore.com
Please replace in sales at elestore.com the "at" with "@". This makes it a bit more difficult for the spammers and we are getting more than 1.000 spams every day already!

Via telephone: ++44-20-8133 1953 (SkypeIn, therefore a UK number)
Via fax: ++49-30-202 38 29 89 (fax via email, therefore a German number)
We have CET - Central European Time
You can phone us on Skype: user name is: hgneumann

Deutsch ist unsere Muttersprache
English is our second language
On parle Français, bien sur
Hablamos Español
Beszélünk Magyarul
Hovoríme po Slovensky
Rozumíme Cesky

About our software development in Bratislava

In Bratislava our Slovak sister company is developing software and supporting users in German.
It has been in operation since 1999 and although it does not operate CATpool and YellowParts it should still be mentioned here, because it has been and still is working for well-known large customers (while CATpool d.o.o. is a new sister).

Bratislava / Pressburg / Pozsony is located just 50 km each of Wien (Vienna) ashore the Danube at the border triangle of Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. Slovakia is one of the 10 new EU member states since 01.05.2004.

Here in Pressburg/Bratislava Volkswagen builds the Passat, the Tuareg SUV and the bodies for the Porsche Cayenne and we develop software for product content management, database publishing and CATpool.

We are on the eastern outskirts of Central-Europe and therefore in a highly civilised and culturally extremely rich part of the very "old world", just 50 km east of where Haydn, Mozart and many other famous composers and artists lived. For all who don't really know where Wien (Vienna), Bratislava and Beograd are located, here is some geographical help... (do use the zoom function!).