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Product Content Management

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EleAIS –

Article Information System (web server)

  • Multi-media database system with primary focus on paper, e-paper, Flash, PDF and HTML
  • Multi-lingual product content management supporting any number of languages
  • Fully integrated MS Office applications: MS Word, RTF and complex tables in MS Excel
  • Data-gateway and data exchange system supporting virtually all data formats, standards
    and classification systems like BMEcat, Datanorm, eClass, Etim, UN/SPSC, XML etc etc
  • Fully integrated with EleAIS, the Aricle Information System and web server for Elestore
  • Extendable by several complementary software products like EleExxel, ElePricelist, Elecalc, Elequote, Elecat, Elepub and others
  • Data inheritance dramatically reduces data maintenance efforts and costs
  • Fully integrated with Elepub, the high-end Object Database Publishing System

Product Content Management and EleAIS web server are one entity

Elestore is the core part of all EleFamily products and especially of EleAIS, which brings Elestore data onto the Internet. EleAIS is the web application server for Elestore. They were all designed and developed as one homogenous system and are normally used in very close co-operation without any import, export or conversion problems that are inherent to separate systems. More...

There are many films available that explain Elestore in a few minutes. More...

If you understand German please read www.elestore.de, which is even more comprehensive and which offers you even more films. The Elestore user manual is available in English here.

Elestore Product Content Management