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Films on Elestore, EleFamily and Elepub

These films show you the most important features of Elestore and of other EleFamily products in Flash films of different durations.

All films are with audio

You should run these films on a PC with audio and speakers, because otherwise you will only get a small part of the information. Not all films are yet in English and the rest of this page will be translated soon, please excuse the DeutschEnglish meanwhile.

By the way, the author has produced the first films on software in 1987 !!!, which was done by using very expensive U-matic equipment and they were distributed on VHS, a true novelty then.

Subject Content all with audio Min
Overview films - show very briefly the most important aspects
12 reasons
for Elestore
12 good reasons for Elestore in just 4 min.
A very short résumé
Main menu overview Short presentation of the main menu of Elestore and the programs behind 5:45
QuickEditing in Excel

Short info on how data in Elestore is edited with Excel

Overview in films - quick and very informative
Article browser part 1 Part 1: Overview on the article browser searching and finding, vendors (manufacturers, suppliers), product grouping systems and article numbers 5:49
Article search How to search and select articles in Elestore 4:20
Article number database overview Shows the article number database and cross-referencing and what Elestore and Elepub use this data for 3:48
  Additional films are being produced! That makes an awful lot of work but we're on it...  
Short films - for compact information on the various subjects
Differences between eCl@ss / UN/SPSC Shows the use of UN/SPSC in Elestore and the differences between eCl@ss and UN/SPSC 2:00
UN/SPSC, Etim and profiClass Short film on the use of UN/SPSC, Etim and profiCl@ss product classification systems in Elestore 3:24
Detailed films - show all the details
eCl@ss product grouping system Shows in detail how the eCl@ss product grouping system (industry standard) is used in Elestore 7:50
History browser Explains the history browser and the history transaction database that records all changes to the Elestore database content 7:00
Films on other EleFamily products
Overview Overview on the MS Office related EleFamily applications 7:00
EleExxel Introduction to EleExxel - publishing the Elestore content with MS Excel 13:30
Films on Elepub - Object Database Publishing
These films present the special technical features of Elepub. They are by nature a bit technical and target an audiance with at least some knowledge of how DTP software normally works. Each film handles a different subject and we strongly recommend you to see them sequentially:
An overview on the technical issues of Elepub
An introduction and a very brief overview on the many technical features of Elepub. We recommend you to start with this film and then to procedd sequentially for more details!
Elepub part 1
Chapters 1+2
Elepub's page structure
Gives detailed information why Elepub differs from DTP software, why pages in Elepub are 3D and how Elepub pages are constructed from frames, tables and containers
Elepub part 2
Chapters 3+4
To follow ASAP
Some general information on the format, features and behaviour of frames in Elepub and on frame attributes
Elepub part 3
Chapters 5-7
To follow ASAP
Shows the automatic sizing and the relative positioning capabilities of Elepub frames and containers and explains data inheritance for frames, tables and containers from mother objects in the repository
Elepub part 4
Chapters 8+9
Handling of content
How content is dynamically loaded from the database into frames and how content can optionally be stored (frozen) in frames
Elepub part 5
Chapters 10-12
To follow ASAP
Explains rules and frame behaviour, shows the different types of intelligent table objects and the use of MSExcel tables and MSWord and RTF texts by Elepub


Please understand:

These films make "a hell of a lot of work" and this is why not yet all planned films are available and why some are already outdated insofar as new software releases have been developed with more new features.

It's just impossible to have everything permanently up-to-date. We are anyway offfering much more and much more detailed information than any other vendor of comparable software that we know of.

These films explain the software but they do not contain any statement on the features of the software. The only binding statements on the capabilities and features of the software can be found in the data sheets on the particular software product.