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Elequote - expressive quotes with individual quote catalogs

Elequote generates formal quotes as well as individual "quote catalogs" explaining in detail the quoted products and replacing the previously used printed product catalogs and data sheets.

Currently, formal quotes on technical products are frequently accompanied by printed product catalogs or data sheets defining in detail the quoted products. This is all replaced by Elequote, which uses the content of product catalogs stored in Elestore to individually generate a "quotes catalog" to complement the formal part of the quote.

Autonomous processing of quotes and orders without ERP

Elequote can be used autonomously to enter and process quotes similar to entering orders, because Elequote comprises of a full order database and order processing system.

Elequote is fully independent of any ERP system and well suitable for use by your sales people, distribution partners or dealers who can all use the content of Elestore in their Elequote software.

Quotes are technically treated as a special form of orders and they are stored in the order database of Elequote. They can even be converted into orders and then handed over to your ERP or order processing system. Quote objects as well as order can also be transferred regularly and automatically to your main office and collected there in a central database or transferred to your ERP.

Integrated Elecalc calculation module

When using Elequote autonomously the integrated Elecalc calculation system becomes most valuable. Elecalc performs even complex, sophisticated and conditional calculations based on your settings, on product data and customer related data if needed. More about Elecalc here.

Elequote closely co-operates with your ERP system

if you prefer a to continue using your ERP system for quotes even then Elequote can still do the job of creating nicely formatted individual quotes catalogs.

The data from your ERP system is imported via one of the many data formats supported by Elequote or we create an individual interface for you. There are several possibilities to import the data from your ERP system into Elequote and one of them will certainly be suitable for you.

Elequote in distributed organizations or for your distributors/dealers

Elequote is ideally suitable to be distributed to your sales partners whoever and wherever they are. You can give them limited access to your content in your central Elestore product master database or you export part of this Elestore master database for distribution to your sales partners ond for offline use in their local databases.

In any case, they re-use your content for creating sophisticated, detailed and extremely attractive quotes with nicely formatted individual quotes catalogs.

Quotes catalogs is individual database publishing for quotes

Actually, Elequote performs a special form of dedicated database publishing for individual and customer specific quotes locally wherever these quotes are created. This is the great advantage for your sales people: They can use the content of your central product master database locally in their own software and database, because "all business is local" - at least in most cases.