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Elecalc - price calculation and terms and conditions administration

Elecalc individually calculates customer specific prices using sophisticated conditional formulas and/or user-defined calculation in MS Excel spreadsheets.

Elecalc is for users whose ERP system is not well and easily capable of exporting customer specific prices. Elecalc makes users of any EleFamily software independent of their ERP system and allows an automatic calculation of prices, which is fully integrated into EleFamily products like Elestore, ElePricelist, Elequote or Elepub.

Practical usage:

  • Calculate prices for direct use in ElePricelist when generating price lists
  • Calculate prices for storage in Elestore
  • Calculate individual order specific prices in Elequote while entering quotes or orders
  • Calculate individual prices while generating customer specific publications in Elepub such as price lists with complex layouts or product catalogs with customer specific prices
  • Calculate prices in HTML when ElePricelist generates price lists in HTML
  • Calculate technical data using Elestore attributes (data fields, variables) and/or attributes defined by the industry standard systems supported by Elestore like eClass etc.

Elecalc is available in different forms:

  • As an optional but fully integrated module extending Elestore
  • Integrated into other members of EleFamily like ElePricelist, Elequote or Elepub

Full integration of Elecalc

If your ERP system is not so easily capable of exporting customer specific prices you can use Elecalc, the autonomous price calculation system, as an integral part of ElePricelist to individually calculate customer specific prices when generating price lists with ElePricelist.

User-defined rule based calculation formulas

Elecalc uses sophisticated and extremely flexible rule based calculation logic, which incorporates user-defined calculation formulas and embeds data from Elestore.

We claim: There is no calculation logic that cannot be implemented easily with Elecalc.

Most flexible price calculation using MS Excel

Additionally, you can embed your own user-defined MS Excel sheets into the calculations performed by ElePricelist via the fully integrated Elecalc module.

Enhance Elecalc with your own self-written program logic

You can even add your own programming code into MS Excel if all of the above should not be sufficient — but we doubt that this will ever be needed, although its nice to know that it's available.

Exchangeable formulas in BMEcat format also for technical data

Formulas in Elecalc are primarily for calculating prices — but beyond that you can also calculate technical data and even exchange these formulas with your customers as part of the BMEcat structure in XML. Like this you can use Elecalc and its formulas far beyond prices for example to have technical data calculated based on technical attributes (variables) and their changing values.

Simple exchange of formulas with business partners via BMEcat formulas in XML

Elecalc supports the XML format of BMEcat, which also includes the exchange of formulas as part of electronic product catalogs. Elecalc formulas are 100% compatible to BMEcat formulas and therefore also capable of directly referencing attributes (data fields) defined by eClass, Etim, profiClass or UN/SPSC. Like this you can use Elecalc formulas also for technical calculations based on any value stored in Elestore and structured according to these industry standard grouping and data exchange systems, which are all supported by Elestore anyway.

The result is a much greater ease of use when exchanging product and business data with your customers and business partners.