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ElePricelist - versatile database publishing

ElePricelist generates well-formatted MS Word and MS Excel sheets from data in Elestore and it is therefore the easiest form of database publishing suitable for every average PC user.

ElePricelist extends and embeds EleExxel to using MS Word for database publishing and it also offers embedding MS Excel sheets into MS word documents allows for even more flexible publications.

Basic knowledge of MS Excel and MS Word is all you need!

ElePricelist generates from Elestore content:

  • Well-formatted multi-line MS Excel sheets (it fully incorporates EleExxel)
  • Individually formatted MS Word files
  • MS Word files with embedded MS Excel sheets
  • HTML pages and lists based on user-defined formatting templates
  • Entire product web sites in HTML including all needed navigation (EleProductSite)

Practical usage:

  • Generate individually formatted product and price lists in MS Word from Elestore content as a simple and quick form of database publishing based on user-defined templates
  • The same with output to MS Excel based on user-defined MS Excel templates
  • Both can optionally use the fully integrated Elecalc price calculation system
  • Generate product lists in HTML with links to detailed product pages in HTML and/or to the EleAIS web server database.
  • Generate entire HTML product web sites including all of the needed navigation.

The ElePricelist software incorporates the full EleExxel product and it extends EleExxel by many additional features: ElePricelist always operates on the Elestore database management system.

ElePricelist is available in different forms:

  • As stand-alone product incorporating a basic version of the Elestore content database
  • As an optional module extending Elestore
  • As a combined product together with Elecalc, Elequote and/or other members of EleFamily

Purpose of ElePricelist

MS Excel and even more so MS Word have excellent formatting and printing capabilities. Almost everybody knows how to use MS Excel and MS Word and these applications are available on most computers anyway.

This is why ElePricelist with the embedded EleExxel provide very comfortable and comprehensive yet extremely easy to use mechanisms for turning MS Word and MS Excel into database publishing tools that publish and format for the data stored in the Elestore database.

ElePricelist and EleExxel act on the Elestore data as an output and print generator as well as an export manager supporting most physical data formats in use today.

The standard Elestore software already fully embeds MS Excel both as a QuickEditing tool as well as an export target for data from the Elestore database. This has been available since one of the first Elestore releases way back in early 2004.

ElePricelist extends this by providing even far more comprehensive capabilities in using MS Word and MS Excel especially for formatting multi-line and individually formatted data output from the Elestore database. ElePricelist provides simple, quick, yet extremely powerful features for using MS Word and MS Excel as universal output and print generators and for automatically creating product and price lists from data in Elestore.

User-defined MS Word and MS Excel templates

Everybody who knows MS Word and MS Excel can create individual ElePricelist templates or extend those template files that come with the standard product.

Three types of MS Excel output and templates

As for the use of MS Excel there are three different types of templates and forms of output, which can be generated by ElePricelist. This are features of EleExxel, which is fully incorporated in ElePricelist. Please refer to the description of EleExxel for further details.

Full integration of Elecalc

If your ERP system is not so easily capable of exporting customer specific prices you can use Elecalc, the autonomous price calculation system, as an integral part of ElePricelist to individually calculate customer specific prices when generating price lists with ElePricelist.

User-defined rule based calculation formulas

Elecalc uses sophisticated and extremely flexible rule based calculation logic, which incorporates user-defined calculation formulas and embeds data from Elestore. We claim: There is no calculation logic that cannot be implemented easily with Elecalc.

Most flexible price calculation using MS Excel

Additionally, you can embed your own user-defined MS Excel sheets into the calculations performed by ElePricelist via the fully integrated module Elecalc. You can even add your own programming code into MS Excel if all of the above should not be sufficient (but we doubt that this is needed, although its nice to know that it's available).