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Elestore, the Object Content Management System administrates all content of product catalogs, data sheets, price lists, offers and other data-heavy publications for paper, e-paper and/or HTML or Flash.

Elestore works stand-alone or as an extension to ERP systems, enhancing the slim ERP data by all publication related data, settings and formatting including multi-language floating texts and pictures or drawings.

Data types

Elestore puts primary emphasis on:

  • multi-lingual and formatted floating text objects
  • commercial product details (in close cooperation with your ERP database)
  • technical product details including variable product attributes
  • support for multiple industry standard data formats
  • and images with multi-lingual descriptions.

Close database publishing and data exchange alliance

Elestore acts autonomously or as an integral part of Elepub, the Object Database Publishing system and/or in close co-operation with several other software products of EleFamily like EleExxel, ElePricelist, Elecalc, Elequote or Elecat . While Elestore administrates all data, these sibling products make the best use of it, publish, distribute or echange data in Elestore.

Elepub and its siblings automatically publish this data to any type of publication in any format on any media and from one single database source!

Elestore is well suitable for every user of Windows software

While Elestore is used by product managers and office clerks to administrate all product related data, Elepub automatically publishes this data to any commercial or technical product publication. Technically, Elestore and Elepub are just one single system avoiding all data imports or conversions. They were designed from the very beginning as one system but they can also be used separately.

Elestore has several very special features

Here is just a short list with the most important special features of Elestore.

Multi-lingual texts

Supports any number of languages for texts, products and images

Text database

Text objects are stored in a text database, can also be pre-formatted

Data inheritance Unique form of inheriting data in a tree hierachy from "mother objects" to children; this avoids data redundancies and greatly simplifies data maintenance even for very large databases (for example over 1 million data objects at one of our users)

Virtual data

Avoids redundancy by logically integrating content from existing databases

Data standards

Support for all widespread industry standard classification system and data exchange formats

Twin of Elepub

Elestore and Elepub were designed and developed as one entity

Grouping systems

Support for different grouping systems for products, texts and images

User attributes

Article objects have user defined attributes

Image database

Integrated image database, different views, multi-lingual image texts

XML support

Full support for XML, export, import and storage

Elestore's special focus is on product catalogs content, data sheets, formal offers, commercial and technical documentation and similar data-heavy publications. It can also store information about any other type of graphics and multi-media data files such as CAD, sound or video, which is normally stored in separate files and referenced from the CMS (Content Management System).